A Series Trust is a turnkey solution where the trust structure and supporting service components are already in place. The initial focus of the advisor is to work with Huntington Asset Services and Legal Counsel to add its portfolio(s) to the trust. Thereafter, the primary focus of the advisor is managing the portfolio, distributing (marketing) the fund and compliance. Because some expenses are common across all portfolios of the Series Trust, they are shared. Examples include certain trustee, audit, legal, state registration and insurance expenses.

Your portfolio will have its own name, its own prospectus and its own identity in the eyes of the public.

There are a number of benefits to starting your mutual fund in a Series Trust:

  • Reduced legal expenses for creating the fund
  • Shared common operating expenses
  • Reduced Blue Sky registration fees
  • Shared directors, officers coverage and errors omissions coverage
  • Selling agreements already in place with financial intermediaries
    may simplify the distribution process
  • Board of Trustees and service providers are included
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